Michaela Betts – DARK NATURE

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50 Minutes
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  • New artists, emerging talent, diverse voices and brilliant musicians: this is our monthly evening devoted to spotlighting some of the best original music around, across a host of genres encompassing jazz, funk, soul, folk and pop (as well as everything in between). Our art deco basement, known for its brilliant acoustics and intimate atmosphere, is proud to showcase fine talents at affordable ticket prices – perfect for a great night out in the West End.


    Singer songwriter Michaela Betts leads you through a personal exploration of childhood trauma, transformation, dis-ease and beauty told through ethereal baroque-pop songs and dark fairytale vignettes.

    Many of us have a ‘before and after’ event lodged in our mind. Some sort of milestone which we use to place memories. Sometimes trivial, often traumatic. What happened ‘before’ remains immutable. The aftershock usually has various, ghostlike pathways as the ‘what if…? question echoes internally and insistently. Until we finally realise that the present – and possibly the future – is as unchangeable as the past. There are no ‘sliding doors’ we can control at our whim. Not even in fairy tales.


    ‘Unique and melancholic, her songs are dark folk tales in themselves, cinematic in scope but with the intimacy of a campfire. We are seduced but there is always a danger of being burned.’ – Spy In The Stalls

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