Earl Okin: Legend

Price (At The Venue)
75 Minutes
  • Show Description
  • Earl Okin is a triple threat.

    He has been one of the UK’s leading Jazz and Bossa Nova singers, musical-comedians and songwriters for more years than he cares to remember.

    This show at Crazy Coqs will offer a slice of his extensive repertoire, self-accompanied on piano and guitar.

    So, whether you love his comedy, his own songs, or his Jazz and Bossa Nova, you won’t be disappointed.

    In short, one way or the other, you’ll be royally entertained. Unique and unmissable!


    ‘How does one categorise Earl Okin? It’s a hard task, perhaps impossible. He is a performer and entertainer, a singer and instrumentalist, a songwriter, a satirist, a philosopher, a political commentator, a comedian, a fount of knowledge, a raconteur and quipster, a thought-provoker and perhaps the last wearer of spats in the country.’ – Alexander Stiller, Rye International Jazz Festival


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