Ann Morrison: Merrily From Center Stage

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87 Minutes
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  • Merrily From Center Stage recalls a very specific time in 1981 when the legendary musical theater team of Hal Prince, Stephen Sondheim, and George Furth were creating Merrily We Roll Along for Broadway. Through the eyes of her award-winning character Mary Flynn, Morrison’s musical play describes, ingeniously, the story of that time, only in her unique (and uniquely individual) way. What she and Musical Director John Shirley have done is take all of those memories, deconstruct them, reconstruct them, and then layer in the original Merrily score, also de-and-re-constructed, to tell what becomes a richly-layered, dramatically and emotionally satisfying tale of triumph.


    “It’s Hilarious, it’s shocking, it’s heartwarming, and Ann Morrison is in amazing voice. It’s a Hit!”— Stephen Mosher: Broadway World

    “From the first moment, she proved to be an entertainment Dynamo!”— Steven Suskin: Playbill

    “Like the sharp-witted, no-filter Mary Flynn, the role she created in Broadway’s “Merrily We Roll Along,” Ann Morrison doesn’t shy away from uncomfortable truths.”— Maryrose Wood: Variety

    “Through her masterful performance, we get insight into Merrily We Roll Along in more fascinating, interesting, personal ways than any book or film has given us. Merrily From Center Stage is a rich, layered, dramatically and emotionally satisfying triumph.”— Gerry Geddes: Bistro Awards


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