Andrew Pepper

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  • Saddle up, London! Award-winning cabaret messiah Andrew Pepper is back!

    ★★★★★ A one off, daring to go further than you ever imagined a performer would”- Musical Theatre Review

    Pepper will be flying in this summer to unleash his all new, hilarious and heart-warming, God those trousers are tight, musical comedy show just for YOU!

    “A dazzling and meticulously executed display of shape-shifting showmanship” – Cabaret Scenes

    Prepare to be cleansed, uplifted and born again as Pepper resurrects your soul and lifts you higher than Wayne Rooney in a tutu.

    Andrew Pepper, a winner whatever he’s doing” – Evening Standard

    So, wear your Tena Lady, tart yourselves up and come worship at the House of Pepper.

    With Alex Maynard on piano and Dan England on percussion.


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