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Our Chariot de Fromages

Something of a guest favourite, our Chariot de Fromages is one of our uniquely Zédel touches. Read on to find out a little more about our selection of fine French cheeses…

Brasserie Zédel cheese trolley

In restaurants, brasseries and cafés right across France, you may find a chariot de fromages adorned with a selection of regional cheeses.

And here at Zédel we have our very own chariot Chariot de Fromages, which you may have seen appear on the floor of the brasserie when dining with us. Filled with a variety of French cheeses, thanks to our specialist suppliers at La Fromagerie Beillevaire, it’s been proving popular of late. Read on to find out more.

The cheeses…

What combination of cheeses makes for the perfect cheeseboard may be a matter of personal taste, but a general rule of thumb is to choose one hard, one soft and one strong cheese (this could be blue, but not always!).

With that in mind, we offer five French cheeses on our Chariot de Fromages. From the Ardéche comes Tomme aux 7 Fleurs, a complexly flavoured cheese coated in the petals of seven different flowers, including mallow, marigold, rose blossoms, strawberry leaves and trigonella. While for the blue cheese enthusiasts, Bleu des Causses is closely related to Roquefort and offers sharp mushroom notes, which are perfectly balanced by the creamy cow’s milk from the midi-Pyrenees.

For those who enjoy a creamier cheese, you can choose from Long Cendre, made with goat’s milk and rolled in charcoal; and Pont L’Eveque, which can trace it’s history all the way back to the 12th Century and the Cistercian monks of Normandy. And last but not least is Comté, matured over spruce in dark, humid caves to achieve that distinctive nutty taste and buttery texture.

The bread

Brasserie Zédel bread

Of course, no meal – particularly one that involves cheese – is complete without a basket of our bread.

And, as our Head Chef Charles Hilton says, there’s no such thing as too much cheese…