Tamar Broadbent: Plus One

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  • A brand-new cabaret from Stiles & Drewe award-winning singer-songwriter Tamar Broadbent (BBC Radio4, Boom Chicago) about fertility, fainting and the unforgiving feat of having to give up wine for nine months.

    With songs like Judgy Baby, Don’t Get All My Bad Stuff and The Man with the Motile Sperm… Plus One is set to be a show filled with what Tamar’s audiences have grown to love: honest stories, lyrical laughs and a suitable dose of outrageousness. Join Tamar on the piano for an evening of melodic musings about the very normal and very insane experience of having a baby. As she contemplates her greatest fear (childbirth… followed closely by flesh-eating bacteria) and tries to prepare in ways other than just Googling tiny wellies, Tamar wonders how on earth you go about making a human when you’re not a totally qualified one yourself.

    Photo credit: Steve Ullathorne


    ‘Boasting an original comic voice, assured musicianship, and a beguiling onstage presence, she’s a genuine triple threat.’– Fest.
    ‘The next big thing’-One4Review.
    ‘Brings the house down’-Skinny.
    ‘A fantastic, hilarious gem’-Musical Theatre Review

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