Hersh Dagmarr with Karen Newby on Piano: Indefinite Leave To Remain – The Songs of The Pet Shop Boys

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75 Minutes
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  • Join the immortal and immoral Hersh Dagmarr as he deconstructs the songs of The Pet Shop Boys and transports them to the Weimar era with his pianist and arranger extraordinaire Karen Newby.

    Hersh Dagmarr is a London-based Queer singer/songwriter and visual artist. His visceral inspiration from the grand Weimar Berlin era mixed with his own experience as a club kid from the noughties and the 2010s evolved into a unique blend of jazz, dance and electronic avant-pop with elements of cabaret mixed in.

    “My interest in music is quite polar. It’s equally coming from a faraway past and a rather distant future. Like some kind of haunting past life.”

    https://www.hershdagmarr.com/ line

    Karen Newby is an accomplished, versatile piano vocalist, with an ever expanding repertoire covering all styles, Karen performs in 5 star venues around the world.

    Classically trained, she has a flawless piano technique which is equally at home playing jazz standards, show tunes and chart hits. Add mellow vocals and a wicked sense of humour and you have the perfect music for your event.

    Her skills as an accompanist are as relevant for open mic sessions and ‘impromptu guest participation’ as they are for opera and classical recitals, auditions and ballet class.

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