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Moulin Rouge comes to Bar Américain
Moulin Rouge Cocktail Menu in Bar Americain

“Welcome to the Moulin Rouge!” Harold Zidler

And welcome to our new cocktail menu in Bar Américain!

Set in 1899 Montmartre, Paris, the centre of Bohemia. The spectacular and lavish love story that graced the silver screen two decades ago has been adapted for the stage. Moulin Rouge! The Musical is the winner of ten Tony awards on Broadway, and the show has finally come to London’s West End, fortuitously nestled right next door to Zédel in the Piccadilly Theatre.

A riotous assault on the senses, this new adaptation has been brought up to date with a score that now includes songs by artists such as Lady Gaga, Beyoncé and Adele.

And to celebrate, our team at Bar Américain – led by Bars Manager, Sean Kelly – have created a menu that pays homage to the exuberant and colourful characters from the show. Echoing the indulgent and extravagant style of the show – of historical Paris combined with a modern score – our vibrant, playful drinks, have a heritage that lies in more classic cocktails.
Read on to find out more…

Moulin Rouge Cocktails at Bar Americain - Sparkling Diamond

The Sparkling Diamond

Ketel One Vodka, Jasmine, Camomile, Strawberry Soda

”The French are glad to die for love”
The name given to Satine, the courtesan and star of the Moulin Rouge. The object of both the Duke’s and Christian’s affections.

The highball was one of the most classic drinks of the very early Twentieth Century and what most of the rich and powerful guests would have been drinking. Ours is given a lighter and subtly sweet twist to mirror Satine’s ravishing character, and is served over a diamond-shaped ice cube (‘a girl’s best friend’).

Moulin Rouge The Musical Cocktails at Bar Americain - Bohemian Gimlet

Bohemian Gimlet

Don Julio Blanco Tequila, Casamigos Mezcal, Lime, Agave, Red & Yellow Pepper, Coriander

”Come what may, I will love you until my dying day”
Christian arrives in Paris’ legendary Montmartre, a place where artists, writers and bohemians gather. He instantly becomes one of them.

The gimlet was made popular in the early 1900s by the armed forces. We have updated the drink using tequila – the current spirit of choice for today’s modern bohemians. A savoury flavour profile with peppers and coriander, with the sweet punch of agave for balance.

Moulin Rouge the Musical menu at Bar Americain

Le Duc Noir

Ron Santiago de Cuba 12yr Rum, Cognac, Apricot Infused Amaro, Bitters

“Jealousy will drive you mad”
The Duke of Monroth, is the wealthy and entitled patron of the club who thinks he can buy anything he wants, including Satine.

The dark chocolate and dry notes of the Ron Santiago De Cuba 12 yo perfectly capture the darkness of the Duke’s jealous temperament. A delicate balance of sweet and bitter is achieved with apricots infused in Amaro liqueur.

Moulin Rouge the Musical Champagne Cocktail Menu in Bar Americain

Because we Can-Can-Can

Tanqueray Gin, Mandarin & Saffron Cordial, Lemon Juice, Champagne

“The show must go on”
Harold Zidler is the host extraordinaire of the Moulin Rouge nightclub. He keeps up appearances with his wealthy patrons whilst also protecting and encouraging the bohemian creatures of the underground who perform in the club.

The effervescence of Zidler and the exuberance of the classic French dance are epitomised with delicate and decadent base ingredients, lengthened with champagne, which combine in our homage to the great and glorious Can-Can.

Moulin Rouge The Musical Cocktails at Bar Americain - Absinthe Fairy

Absinthe Fairy

Johnnie Walker Black, Lemon & Lime Juice, Absinthe, Soda Water, Fig Leaves, Egg White

“Things aren’t always as they seem”
It could be said that the creativity and idealism of the entire Bohemian movement was mostly fuelled by absinthe…

No Moulin Rouge cocktail menu would be complete without an Absinthe Fairy. Here it is used it in moderation, though! Ours is based on a Morning Glory Fizz – the ‘hair of the dog’ cocktail favoured in the late 1800s, combining sweet, smoky whisky with citrus, fig and of course aniseed.