Trudy Kerr and Mark Jennett

Trudy Kerr and Mark Jennett

" [Trudy Kerr is a] 100% real jazz musician with fluid phrasing and a mellifluous, warm and sensuous tone." All About Jazz

"[Mark Jennet] sounds like he's living in the skin of each song. He has that very rare ability to reveal new facets of a song you know well so that it touches your heart."

Two of the UK's finest jazz vocalists, Trudy Kerr ("The genuine article - a joy." Mojo Magazine) and Mark Jennett ("Soulful and exuberant." Time Out) unite to present A SWINGIN' AFFAIR - SOUNDS OF THE 60s, an evening of compelling and elegant songs from their recent albums, Contemplation by Kerr and Jennett's Everybody Says Don't. Their performance includes a tribute to the great American songwriters of the 60s, including songs by Burt Bacharach, Randy Newman and Carole King.

Featuring the cream of London's jazz musicians Andrea Vicari on piano and Geoff Gascoyne on bass.


Before and during the shows, cocktails, wines, champagnes and snacks are available. We would also encourage you to enjoy a meal in the Brasserie before or after a performance.


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