Steve Ross

In I'm in Love with Vienna - Steve Ross Sings the Weimar/American Songbook, his brand new show, international cabaret and concert artist STEVE ROSS turns his attention to the many deep connections, in the 1920s and 30s, between American popular song and the beloved songwriters working in Berlin and Vienna. In those years, while operetta learned to fox-trot, lyricists like Oscar Hammerstein were declaring in song, "I'm in Love with Vienna", American dance bands took up German hits like Casucci's 'Just a Gigolo" and Katscher's "When Day Is Done," while singers like Marlene Dietrich and Richard Tauber crossed borders singing songs like Stolz's "Frag Nicht Warum" ("Don't Ask Me Why"). Hungarian-born Sigmund Romberg became one of America's favorite composers and the American musical genius Jerome Kern displayed the debt his luscious melodies owed to the music of the operetta in shows like Music in the Air.

In the cultural exile that followed Hitler's rise to power, many of the German-speaking world's greatest musical talents found themselves seeking new careers on Broadway and in Hollywood. From Larry Hart's lyrics for "The Merry Widow" to Nicholas Brodszky's collaboration with Sammy Kahn in "Be My Love", Steve Ross takes you on a guided tour of this dizzying, crisscrossed scene with a special tribute to the most famous of them all, Kurt Weill.


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