Neil Henry’s Magical Mindsquirm

Neil Henry

"Neil Henry, London's Mighty Sorcerer." Time Out

"Neil Henry is a Star." New York Times

"Neil is a cross between Rowan Atkinson and my ironmonger." Stephen Fry

"★★★★★ Truly breathtaking." Whatsonstage

"★★★★★ Henry does magic tricks that leave you open-mouthed." Edinburgh Reporter

"Mindsquirm will fill your mind with 'how did he do that?' wonderings. If that's your bag, wonder away - but trust me, it's far more fun to just sit there in dumbstruck appreciation."

Neil Henry's brand new show is packed full of mind-melting magic and brain-bending impossibilities. At the 2015 Edinburgh Festival, Neil stunned the world media with a finale that involved him swallowing a can of alphabetty spaghetti, some thread, and regurgitating the threaded words "MARRY ME" proposing to his girlfriend Charlie. It made newspaper front pages around the world, with over 76 Million views online internationally, and was even covered by TIME Magazine.

In his only West End date this year, come see Neil defy the laws of physics close up!


Before and during the shows, cocktails, wines, champagnes and snacks are available. We would also encourage you to enjoy a meal in the Brasserie before or after a performance.


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