Karen Akers

"Looking like Garbo while singing at one moment with the nonchalance of Dietrich and the next with the passion of Piaf, Karen Akers comes near the top as a cabaret singer." Variety

"Perfection! Her voice has never been more lustrous or full-bodied, nor her expressive wingspan so wide." The New York Times

In "ANYTHING GOES - KAREN AKERS SINGS PORTER", the singer clearly demonstrates there can be few more perfect partnerships between songwriter and performer than Cole Porter and Karen Akers. Both exude sophistication and simple elegance, whilst enjoying, yet underplaying a sense of fun. Both are able to burrow beneath the surface of witty word play to reveal a song's poignant emotion.

The show will include many of Porter's wordiest concoctions, from amusing songs like "Can-Can" and "Come to the Supermarket in Old Peking," in which delicious rhymes are piled onto one another to whip up a deliriously nonsensical froth. As well as songs like "Let's Do It" and "Always True to You in My Fashion," which are jam-packed with sexual double-entendres that still elicit little shivers of titillation

Karen will also sing familiar numbers such as "Don't Fence Me In," "I Get a Kick Out of You," "Where Have you Been," plus a suite of Porter's songs about Paris, to which she will bring a depth and feeling that offer a fresh look at both composer and interpreter.

Leigh Thompson will accompany Karen Akers on piano.


Before and during the shows, cocktails, wines, champagnes and snacks are available. We would also encourage you to enjoy a meal in the Brasserie before or after a performance.


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