Juliet Cowan: Eat, Pray, Call the Police

By popular demand, Juliet Cowan returns to Live at Zédel with her "blisteringly funny", sell-out show.

Cowan (PhoneShop, Pulling, Cuckoo) escaped an unhappy marriage two years ago with three kids in tow. She could have travelled the globe feeding her bruised self kimchi and Alfredo sauce.

She could have been enlarged and improved by rubbing up against the world's sexiest religions.

She could have written a 'surprise' bestseller about her 'journey'. She could have fallen in love with a Radio 4 producer.

Instead she hooked up with a blast from the past. They tried to run off into the Harlesden sunset but her ex-husband kept turning up to bring her home like a calf in a bag. And Blast's ex-girlfriend, fun-loving, homicidal Tina, kept taking the wires out of her car and trying to reach down the phone and strangle her. Juliet might have found her ex hard to shake off, but her friends dropped like flies. She now has new friends - social services and the police, who are actually often adorable.

And loneliness affords Juliet more time to stalk love rival Tina and her dogging sidekick Maureen.

Scarily, Tina stalks her back - better. So who do you call when your ex-husband says he's bought a gun, your children won't talk to you and everyone thinks you're suffering from a menopausal episode? No one. You force yourself out of bed, get a tattoo and find the funny side.

"Juliet Cowan's blisteringly funny one-woman show is a jaw-dropping true story about marriage and divorce that turns conventional thinking about relationships on its head. In fact, it sort of reminded me of the Poseidon Adventure. I was still laughing as I crawled across the ceiling toward the nearest exit." - Tim Dowling, The Guardian

"Juliet Cowan brilliantly disarms with a dazzling bravery that plunges the audience into a dark world delivered with a hilarious wit and searing honesty." - Anna Chancellor

In response to the recent tragedy in Juliet's local community, the catastrophic fire at Grenfell Tower, all profit we make from this show will be donated to its victims.

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