Harold Sanditen's Open Mic Highlights

Open Mic Highlights is an offshoot of our über-popular, longest running show, Harold Sanditen's monthly Open Mic Party, which, in the last four years, has attracted singers from over 40 countries and all continents, other than Antarctica!

Open Mic Highlights will showcase four enormously talented singers, all discovered at the monthly Open Mic Party. It's a testament to the diversity and brilliance of all who perform at Open Mic. Join Harold and these amazing singers for what will be nothing less than


15 May - GIRL POWER: HAROLD'S HAREM - accompanied by Michael Roulston (piano) and Robert Rickenberg (bass) with singers:

Chamonix Aspen - a 1980s party girl from the wrong side of the slopes, who'll sing about her life, her men and her love of shopping.

April Ho - a jazz girl trapped in a city worker's body who'll bring you laughter and rhythm in her own sweet way

April Nicholson - dancer cum singer whose best productions are a stage manager, an actor, and a ballet dancer.

Juliet Wood - a jazz vocalist who started singing before she could speak

May trailer - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=50GmHTGa1rg

12 June - HARPS, HIPS & JAZZ - accompanied by Jamie Safir (piano) and Robert Rickenberg (bass) with singers:

Stephen Morallee - an artist and performer who'll thrill you with his hips and his heart.

Michelle Paris - an award-winning lever harp player, pianist and jazz vocalist, with an unconventional repertoire.

Bernadine Pritchett - has a background in musicals and concerts and a love of cabaret performance.

Sachin Zodgekar - a jazz singer with a warm and soulful voice.

June trailer - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eGIBiCCjEDI

*Dinner & Show packages available: Includes a ticket, A glass of Crémant, a three course menu formule* meal, a glass of wine, coffee and water in Brasserie Zédel pre or post show. Your dinner reservation must be made separately by calling 020 7734 4888 and quoting 'Live At Zédel offer'.


We serve cocktails, wines, Champagnes and small plates before & during the shows. We encourage you to enjoy a meal in the Brasserie before or after a performance.


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