Harold Sanditen's Open Mic Highlights

Open Mic Highlights is an offshoot of our über-popular, longest running show, Harold Sanditen's monthly Open Mic Party, which, in the last four years, has attracted singers from over 40 countries and all continents, other than Antarctica!

Open Mic Highlights will showcase four enormously talented singers, all discovered at the monthly Open Mic Party. It's a testament to the diversity and brilliance of all who perform at Open Mic. Join Harold Sanditen and these amazing singers for what will be nothing less than "A fantastic evening of entertainment!" (Cabaret Scenes).


22 November - BOTH SIDES OF THE POND - accompanied by Carl Greenwood (piano) and Robert Rickenberg (bass) with singers:

Shay Allie - barrister, founder of Inspire'd stage and improv comedienne whose soulful warm jazz tones never fail to delight

Doug Anderson - upon deciding I wanted to be an actor, my grandfather's advice: "Get a real job first," so I did…. at 36,000 feet, where the captive audience has a slim chance of leaving.

Linda Bate - A professional artist and teacher, Linda is a scintillating, sexy and sassy singer, whose jazzy pizzazz and will knock your socks off .

Robert Gino - by day, Robert appears as a therapist working with special needs children…by night, he appears wherever there's a microphone and an audience that will listen.

Should you wish to enjoy dinner or a light bite to eat before or after your show, Brasserie Zédel is located just across the foyer from Crazy Coqs. To book a table, please call 020 7734 4888 or visit us online at www.brasseriezedel.com/reservations.


We serve cocktails, wines, Champagnes and small plates before & during the shows. We encourage you to enjoy a meal in the Brasserie before or after a performance.


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