Aside from having earned status as one of the world's most revered and influential songwriters, Serge Gainsbourg was also a painter, actor, filmmaker, screenwriter, director, novelist, poet, and composer. He is a true example of the renaissance man; a multitalented cultural polymath whose life was filled with both odd coincidence and calculated career savvy.

Following the sold-out Bastille Day performance in 2018, Jean de Talhouët (Super Best Friends Club, Kamao Quartet, ONMO…) returns to Crazy Coqs, together with a crew of handpicked musicians, "Les Poinçonneurs" to take you on a wild journey through the life of one of the 20th century's standout cultural icons.

The sextet includes some of London's most in demand musicians. It is led by a charismatic international duo of young singers - the gifted French singer-songwriter Garance Louis (Garance and the Mithocondries, Chewy She…) and wonderful Cherise Adams-Burnett (Trope, SEED ensemble…), currently making waves on the London Jazz scene. The rest of the musicians are talented and sought after jazz musicians - Johnny Woodham on trumpet, Dorian Ford on keys, Huw V Williams on double and electric bass and Simon Roth on drums.

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Before and during the shows, cocktails, wines, champagnes and snacks are available. We would also encourage you to enjoy a meal in the Brasserie before or after a performance.


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