Double Trouble

A Northern-Irish woman and an Israeli woman walk into a bar in London. They write, perform and sing of the places they came from and the places they still want to go to.

One grew up during the Troubles in Northern Ireland. The other grew up during the second Intifada in Israel. When the first was a child she had to look under every car for bombs. When the second was a child she couldn't go on buses. Somehow, at the age of 20-something, their paths have crossed.

Two witty and moving monologues intertwining into one thought-provoking story about childhood, womanhood and growing up in a war-struck country. A fusion of middle-Eastern music and Celtic music, of different memories yet shared experiences. How do we rise above the traumas that shaped us as children?


We serve cocktails, wines, Champagnes and small plates before & during the shows. We encourage you to enjoy a meal in the Brasserie before or after a performance.


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