Clemens Non Papa

"Oh La La Baroque Opera" is brought to you by Clemens Non Papa Consort, a London-based baroque ensemble aiming to discover and play a classical and Renaissance repertoire that is rare and underperformed.

"Les Plaisirs de Versailles" is a short, sexy, fun opera in French by Charpentier, from the 17th century. Charpentier's goal was of course to amuse The King and his people!

The characters represent the common distractions of the time (and still now!) : Music, Conversation, Games, Comus (the character of delicate food and beverages). Music and Conversation clash to win the heart of the King and the audience, Games and Comus witness the scene and try to intervene. They end up being friends on common grounds : dancing the minuet!

In this concert setting, you will step into a Versailles party!

You will also enjoy other French opera pieces from the same era.

We will provide subtitles.


We serve cocktails, wines, Champagnes and small plates before & during the shows. We encourage you to enjoy a meal in the Brasserie before or after a performance.


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