Claire Martin presents Maud Hixson

"Maud Hixson is one of the best, most sensitive and creative song stylists to come out of the pages of the Great American Song Book in the last decade. She has taste and sophistication, she is full of surprises, and boy can she sing!" Rex Reed

"I think she's the new Peggy Lee; a young singer out of the Midwest. If you like cool, artful storytelling in jazz, check her out!" Amanda McBroom, Singer/Songwriter/Crazy Coqs Performer ("The Rose")

Minnesota based Maud Hixson makes her Crazy Coqs debut with SKYSCRAPER WITS, a celebration of sharp songwriters including Mercer, Coward, Hart, Porter, Fields, Leigh and more, accompanied by pianist Rick Carlson.

Including a special appearance by Claire Martin, who joins Maud in paying tribute to composer Sir Richard Rodney Bennett, who introduced the two performers to each other.


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