Charles Busch

"The playwright and sometime drag performer has the gift of comic gab like few other entertainers. Innately funny, endearing and acutely intelligent, he also has claws. For an audience, the possibility of being scratched, although remote, lends his humor a bracing edge." New York Times

Multi-talented actor, Tony Award nominated playwright, Sundance Film Festival award winner and renowned drag legend CHARLES BUSCH makes his London debut at Crazy Coqs with THE LADY IN QUESTION IS ME! - an outrageous show of personal stories, original characters and Hollywood film parody.

With his unique form of glamour, Busch sings classics including Wonder What Became of Me, The Folks Who Live On The Hill and Those Were the Days. Busch continues to delight and re-define his craft as a master humourist, entertainer and camp icon. Expect laughter, music, tears and sequins!

A major figure in the New York Theatre for the past thirty years, Busch received a special Drama Desk Award for career achievement as both a performer and a playwright. He is the author of dozens of plays including The Tale of the Allergist's Wife, which ran for 777 performances on Broadway, Psycho Beach Party, Die Mommie Die and Vampire Lesbians of Sodom to name but a few.

Busch is also a two-time MAC award winner and has performed his cabaret act in many cities including San Francisco, New Orleans, Atlanta, Philadelphia and New York.

Busch is joined by his long-time musical director, Tom Judson.


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