An artistic movement. A music full of colours, symbols, and artistic expressions. A vibrant and intense show that narrates a transformer movement in Brazilian music. Celeste Caramanna will interpret a repertory of great icons, like Caetano Veloso, Gilberto Gil and other protagonists of this movement.

Let's go back in the late 1960s in Brazil to hear the fabulous melodies and rhythms of that moment, the thoughts and the innovations that they wanted to bring, and the resurgence of Anthropophagy's movement, that was characterised by the necessity of swallowing the foreign trends, thoughts and influences and then spit up all those mixed together with the Brazilian popular culture, making this last one stronger and more singular.

The show will evolve with the interpretation of the main musical works of this movement, drawing the route of the Tropicalismo.

The protagonist of this great show will be Celeste, a phenomenon of 20 years old, with an incredible voice, with a great maturity, and with an extraordinary capacity to travel through different worlds of music, bringing with her the essence of those.

Deep down Celeste probably always knew that her calling was to be a singer. The sheer joy of performing, and her desire to communicate this joy to the public, made it clear to her this was the path for which she was destined. Following the great response to her concerts in Brazil and having just finished a successful tour of Italian theatres, Celeste is now rapidly gaining a huge following in UK, accompanied always by her loyal band of world-class musicians, recently stepping on to the stage of the most renowned Jazz venues in London. During the last year Celeste has performed more than 100 times in places like UK, Italy, France, Ireland, Belgium...

Celeste recorded her first album, which won her a number of excellent reviews, as well as a busy agenda of performances. She will release her next Discography Project in June.

Don't miss this amazing experience.

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