Bruce Lester Johnson

"His voice puts me in mind of other great vocalists such as Lou Rawls". Roy Baines- Blues Matters

"But up front, with an intoxicating smile seducing you like the Sirens once did Odysseus, is Johnson… There's something you can't quite place your finger on when it comes to vocalist. He's like an exotic butterfly you've captured and don't know where it comes from or what it will become tomorrow". Kathryn Koromilas- Athens News

Many artists struggle to establish their musical identity, but there are others that emerge fully formed. London-based African American jazz, soul and blues singer Bruce Lester Johnson fits firmly in the latter category. Johnson has gathered crowds internationally for decades with his captivating, soulful, bass baritone voice. Whether it's local fans in a crowded bar, on stage performing for thousands or in a recording studio, his voice carries each song he sings with such emotion, that you'll forget that they were written by others.

Rather than waiting to be discovered, Bruce has found his audience in national and international venues, and juggles his time outside of performing with screen and voiceover acting. In addition to solo performances, Bruce has performed with various bands as a vocalist. Through these experiences Bruce was voted best act by Nina Simone in a Jack Daniel's music competition and he has had the opportunity to work with world renowned musicians, actors and film directors and he has performed at prestigious festivals and venues such at the Montreux Jazz festival and the Royal Albert Hall.

Bruce is currently a guest vocalist on a triple platinum selling album named "Forever Gentlemen" which is a tribute to the Rat Pack. Forever Gentlemen features among others Paul Anka and Micheal Buble. Johnson was invited to this collective project after participating in "The Voice" France in 2011.


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