Peter Hudler: Cello on Fire

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  • Cello on Fire is a Solo Cello Music Show – not your standard classical recital but a very colorful mix of styles, ranging literally from Baroque to Rock.
    As the Southside Advertiser put it: “Be prepared to put any pre-conceptions of what a cello can sound like to one side and be prepared to let Peter Hudler re-define this instrument for you.”

    The programme consists of works by contemporary musicians, one or the other more classical piece and a wide range of Jazz and Folk inspired music including spectacularly virtuoso  cross over music  that altogether makes for an entertaining and colorful night full of Cello surprises.

    Some of the best Jazz musicians have contributed pieces to the show, amongst them John Zorn, Ernst Reijseger and Svante Henryson.  Added to that are some beautiful Baroque gems by Johann Sebastian Bach Bach and Giuseppe dall’Abaco, Cross Over pieces by Giovanni Sollima, even a Flamenco and more.

    Peter has played this show at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe, the Copenhagen Jazz Festival and at Sargfabrik Vienna, amongst others. A UK tour has been planned and postponed in 2020. For his programming of the show he received the Three Weeks Editor’s Choice 2019. A new CD will be released in September 2021 with the traditional Viennese Label Gramola.


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