Omar Puente and Ilario Ferrari: Mediterranean Meets Cuba

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75 Minutes
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  • Internationally renowned for his masterful performances in a variety of musical styles, Cuban Jazz violinist Omar Puente and Italian pianist and composer Ilario Ferrari present “Mediterranean meets Cuba”.

    They will be taking you on a journey from Cuba, the shores of south Italy and back, exploring the common ground and new possibilities that come from the encounter of the afro-cuban Jazz tradition and the Mediterranean Culture.


    “Omar Puente’s contribution to 20th and 21st century violin playing has now become legendary. His generous nature, his commitment to good music, his enjoyment of life and his respect for his colleagues are all characteristics which make him a true violin great” – Nigel Kennedy

    “.. His Music is a very bright one, as if trying to capture the Italian sun…it feels like a swarm of butterflies rushing through groves of olive trees” – Alexia Foelsch on “Childhood Memories” by Ilario Ferrari

    “..This marks his graduation to a bandleader, arranger and composer to match the accomplished soloist” – Jazzwise on “Best Foot Forward” by Omar Puente

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