Liz Robertson, Shreds and Patches

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75 Minutes
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  • For the past half century, West End favourite Liz Robertson has fearlessly and triumphantly manoeuvred the treacherous ins and outs of this business we call ‘show’.

    The journey has taken her quite far: From the legit cadenzas of ‘A Little Night Music’ to the jazzy contours of ‘I Love My Wife’; from being the ‘lady’ in ‘My Fair Lady’ and the ‘song’ in ‘Song and Dance’, to the redoubtable Madame Giry in both ‘Phantom of the Opera’ and its sequel ‘Love Never Dies’; from crossing the pond to make her Broadway debut in the unlamented ‘Dance a Little Closer’ to touring the globe in a famously infamous revival of ‘The King and I’ with Rudolph Nureyev.

    The enchanting Ms Robertson has seen it all, done it all, and now longs to share it all with you in a rich tapestry of story and song… a singular thing of ‘shreds and patches’ (with apologies to W.S. Gilbert), guaranteed to delight, disarm and even bring a tear to the eye. In short: Unmissable..


    “Liz Robertson brings a brand of sophisticated warmth….who sings in an unembroidered style that is always connected to the heart.” – Theatre Pizzazz NYC


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