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  • Lili la Scala brings to Crazy Coqs a one-off evening of cabaret chaos. She hands you, the audience, the set list for her show. Tossing several dozen songs into a bowl, Lili lets you choose the music entirely at random.

    Who knows what we might find in this musical melange, a bit of Cole Porter perhaps? A little Lehrer? Some Waits? Perhaps even a touch of Liszt.

    On this exciting evening, Lili will be as surprised as you by how the show starts and finishes. Together, you’ll go on a cabaret rollercoaster through some of Lili’s favourite songs.


    Lili la Scala is a decadent diva of vintage glamour. Trained classically, she wandered from the path and tumbled into the glittering world of cabaret. Led astray by the sparkling denizens of this decadent demimonde, she shed her classical cocoon and emerged like a MGM movie siren, bedecked in sparkling gowns and usually clutching a glass of champagne.

    She has a wide repertoire and though she loves comedy songs of the 30s and 40s, she also has a soft spot for a bit of Alice Cooper.

    As naughty as she is nice, Lili will have you giggling as she shares a bawdy joke or witty repartee; in fact, she’ll have you hanging on her every crystal cut consonant. Her devastating voice and her fabulous wardrobe have won her devotees worldwide. Lili la Scala enthrals and enchants with every performance she gives. Beguiling and seductive, her shows are a treat for the ears as well as the eyes.

    Pick-a-Lili: it’s like a swingers party but with songs!


  • Impeccable... mesmerising... perfect.
    There is no better way to spend an evening.
    Ravishing retro glamour... unmissable.
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    The Telegraph

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