Joe Posa as Joan Rivers: “The Bitch is Back in London”

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  • Joe Posa brings the comedy of Joan Rivers to Crazy Coqs in a stand up comedy act, reminiscent of the shows that Joan performed in her many engagements in London.

    The show is not PG, profanity and sexual inuendo is part of Joan’s act.


    “At one point I forgot it wasn’t the real Joan Rivers on stage…Brilliant” – Tim Teeman, The Daily Beast

    “Joe Posa was Joan Rivers favorite Joan Impersonator” – Tony Tripoli, Executive Producer, E Network

    “one of the best” – Katy Zeema, New York Times

    “Having worked with Joan for 25 years, I forgot it wasn’t Joan on stage” – Bill Reardon, Executive Producer, The Joan Rivers Show

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