Harold Sanditen: I Got Rhythms

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  • Grab your maracas and bongos! Harold’s back with a brand new show. Over the past five years, Harold Sanditen, charismatic host of Crazy Coqs’ longest-running show, his smash Open Mic Party (now in its 8th year,) has been performing around the globe, amassing new audiences and absorbing new forms of musical expression along the way – a smattering of country and western from his native Oklahoma, the romantic wheeze of a Parisian concertina, the rhythmic abandon of a bouzouki on a beach in Mykonos, and the sexy sway of a Brazilian samba. In Sanditen’s inimitable style, you’ll hear each song in a new light, with exceptional and unique arrangements. This highly rhythmic celebration guarantees irresistible toe-tapping fun.

    Director: Barry Kleinbort

    Musical Director: Michael Roulston

    Bass: Robert Rickenberg

    Drums: Jonathan “Kitch” Kitching

    “Sanditen’s honey-toned vocals, along with Roulston’s stunning arrangements, make this a joy!” – Cabaret Scenes

    “Sanditen is at once understated and a bit mischievous……his attention to the lyrics turns each song into a story whose melody is familiar, but the tale itself is new to your ears.” – Front Row Centre

    “Harold is having such a good time that he makes every show a ‘mahvellous party’!” – Playbill

    “A better match than Harold Sanditen, his vocals and his elegant panache, would be hard to find anywhere.” – LA Talk Radio

    Photo credit: Stuart Hull Photography

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