Giulio Romano Organ Trio

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  • Guitarist Giulio Romano made the move to London at the age of 18 after studying at Gilfredo Cattolica School in Italy and quickly gained work as a session player and performer.

    In the vibrant London scene Giulio Romano had the chance to work with the likes of Antonio Forcione, Junior Giscombe, The Ayoub Sisters, Osmond Wright (Zero7), Phil Ramocon (Talk Talk), Otto Williams, Trevor Francis (The Voice), Michael Rosen, Melanie Stace, Paulin Catlin (Brown Sugar) and many more.

    Giulio Romano played at La Bellevilloise for The International Jazz Day in Paris in 2015 and also performed at La Chopes Des Puces in Paris for the Manouche Day in 2016 with his band Gypsy Dynamite.

    After a few years in town Giulio decided to bring to life his first original recording called Unexpected Ride which combines the sounds from the Adriatic and Mediterenean coast with sounds of the city.

    Line Up: Giulio Romano Malaisi (Guitar) Chicco Allotta (Piano,Bass) Daniele Antenucci (Drums)

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