Freddie Krum & James Pearson

Somebody loves me: The Songs of Gershwin

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  • It’s been quite a journey. During a career that has lasted over three decades and taken her from her native Germany to London, Friederike Krum has learned from the best, sang with the best and deployed her extraordinary mezzo-soprano in the service of Opera, Jazz, classical Lied and Musicals.

    Now, on her album ‘Somebody Loves Me’, with her own unique and experienced vocals she explores the timeless music of George and Ira Gershwin, stripped back to just her voice and the piano of Ronnie Scott’s Artistic Director, James Pearson.

    “Why Gershwin?” she smiles. Gershwin’s music reflects the desire for romance and the understanding that all we really want and need is to love and be loved.

    For Friederike, the improv aspect of Jazz as a contrast to the more structured nature of her classical repertoire has always been a joy to explore, allowing her to feel and interpret the songs more freely. This is as well reflected on the album and in her show. Friederike and James improvise the songs following one another like in a very intimate and romantic dialogue. Their connection is special and so is the music they are making.

    With special guest Ed Barker who performed as sax player for George Michael.



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