Don’t Tell Me To Get Happy! Elise Roth sings Judy Garland

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  • How One Woman’s Life Was Saved By Judy Garland

    When we think of Judy Garland, we think of her sheer magnetism on stage, her ability to bond with her audiences, her heart wrenching emotional connection to the songs she sang and her tragic life. But she was so much more than that – fiercely devoted to her loved ones, generous to a fault, vulnerable, sensitive, and above all, FUNNY. Even Lucille Ball once said “Judy Garland made me look like a mortician” in comparison.

    American born vocalist and comedienne, Elise Roth has spent a lifetime being compared to Judy, in both looks and sound. It’s not a comparison she hates – Judy’s ability to come alive through music has been one of Elise’s greatest influences. But it was as she dug deeper into Judy’s story she realised how much they had in common – behind the laughing facade is often sadness, and the deep desire to be loved.

    Don’t Tell Me To Get Happy! is the story of how an equally delusional and clinically depressed singer has captured Garland’s essence, and spun that trauma into relatable comedic gold. Through anecdotes of Judy’s life and her own interwoven with songs, Elise Roth brings the painfully funny side of Judy’s life to light, and in doing so finds her own healing and peace.

    Featuring Judy’s best loved hits, lesser known gems, and some songs that Judy really should have made her own.

  • Songstress Elise Roth grew up listening to the likes of Judy Garland, Helen Forrest, and Ivie Anderson, and hails from New England, where she is known as the “poster girl” of the vintage dance scene.

    After over a year’s hiatus in lockdown making dumb videos for the internet, she can’t wait to be singing live music for an audience again!

    Known for both her expressive vocals and her authentic presence, Elise has charmed audiences internationally, from swing dances to supper clubs to vintage events.

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