Clive Rowe: Tapas

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  • Tapas (Small dishes, typically served with drinks at a bar)

    Anyone who knows me (Clive Rowe), knows I have a very close affinity with food. So when looking for a title for this show, Tapas seemed an obvious choice for an evening of small bites from all areas of my musical past. A little bit of this and that, put together in no apparent order other than the fact that I like them that way.

    From musical theatre to swing, Nat King Cole to wherever Route 66 may lead us, myself and my close friend and musical director, Wendy Gadian, will take you on a journey through our favourite songs that have kept us laughing, sighing and sometimes shedding the occasional tear over the many years we have known each other. So pull up a chair, order your drinks and leave the evening’s entertainment to us!

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