Bare: A Pop Opera

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  • When Peter and Jason find themselves hiding their love for one another during their time at St. Cecilia’s –  a Catholic boarding school – things become hard. The pair audition along with the other students to be in the school play, Romeo and Juliet, and parallels with the Shakespeare classic quickly begin to emerge. The two struggle with hiding their love, in fear that it will ruin them in a world that would not accept them for who they are.

    Jason’s twin sister, Nadia, her best friend, Ivy and Matt, along with the pair and their other friends do what every young student wants to do while away from home – they party – but underneath the flashing lights and loud music the secret slowly becomes too much for Peter and he wonders what the next step could be for him and Jason.


    Bare: A Pop Opera is presented in concert by PTP, performed by recent drama school graduates and talented students. It explores themes of religion, sexuality and identity in a story that will leave you wondering how someone could possibly be so isolated just for being different.

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