A Column Writing Masterclass with Jay Rayner

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  • Building on the huge success of Jay Rayner’s lockdown writing masterclasses, the award-winning restaurant critic, writer and broadcaster is back with a live and online masterclass in the New Year. Find out how to approach one of the great unspoken complications of journalism: how to write regularly about the same subject and still keep your opinions, and writing, interesting both for your readers and yourself.

    As a restaurant critic, you may think subjects such as food, service and decor are Jay Rayner’s meat and drink. In reality his reviews are used as a springboard to discuss sex, death, love, war, theatre, film, politics and so much more. As Jay explains, what matters is identifying the story, and then communicating it in as entertaining as way as possible, whatever the subject happens to be.


    Class description

    An entertaining online masterclass in which Jay Rayner will explore the methods and structural tricks he employs to take trips off-piste in his reviews, and how he keeps writing about the same topic over an extended period, by constantly changing the subject. For anyone interested in good writing, be they journalist or PR, blogger or copywriter, or for those who simply want to improve their prose.

    This event is limited to 40 in-person tickets only. Questions will be taken throughout, both from the in-person and online audience.

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